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Frequently asked questions.

General FAQs

What competitors?! FindARotation is unique in that we provide the platform (aka Marketplace) for students and preceptors to take control over their own educational involvement. This is Personalized Clinical Education at its finest! The Visiting Student Learning Objectives (VSLO) system run by the AMA is the closest to a “competitor” that we have seen. However, many students and schools are not eligible for VSLO and cannot use the system. Our platform is much more user friendly and allows for a wider diversity of learner settings. It is also designed to be easy to search, create clear expectations for all parties involved, and allow for the most efficient submission process! There are Rotation Agencies in existence, but we don’t claim to be an agency and do not place controls over your rotations or charge excessive fees. We are constantly expanding our network to give students more options, allowing you to become the clinician you want to be.
VSLO and many agencies offer a majority of rotations in 4-week intervals. This can be very limiting if you wish to schedule, for instance, several subspecialty rotations in a short period of time to diversify your experiences. FindARotation will allow students to select any value in 1-week increments as they wish. These, of course, will still need to be accepted by the preceptor which may have personal length requirements. You are also limited to the number of unanswered inquiries you may have open consecutively. This is set to prevent students from applying to multiple rotations during the same time period, then having to cancel them. We recommend applying well in advance if you will have close starting dates. Make sure to check the preceptor profile for potential limitations as each clinical site may have restrictions on what time increments they allow.
FindARotation has a large network of Physicians that love teaching, understand students pay enough, and don’t wish to add a financial burden to their mentees. Preceptors may also receive many non-financial benefits from teaching and we appreciate them for their dedication! This is why we will offer one of the largest selections of FREE clinical rotations! However, we also understand that many preceptors put in great time, effort, and dedication during training and it is completely fair to compensate them for that energy. The rotation cost is based on Preceptor Compensation on a per week basis and an app service fee. Our minimal charge helps us keep the lights on and provide app updates for future additions! You can view this Cost and Feature comparison article for more information on rotation placement agency charges to compare against FAR costs.
Yes! No decent company in this day and age would provide a service or product without a fair and equitable Cancellation Policy. This is why FindARotation offers a preceptor-driven cancellation policy for each rotation. A last-minute cancellation may be acceptable for certain preceptors and certain rotations, while it may cause greater turmoil in others. This is why we allow the preceptor to determine the policy that fits their environment and schedule best. This may range from no cancellations allowed to 48-hour notice required and anything in between. Either way, you will be refunded the App Service Fee if you cancel with at least 48 hours notice.

Preceptor FAQs

Great question! There is a growing need for Clinical Sites in healthcare and we are happy to support you in your efforts to create the next generation of healthcare professionals! Please sign up for our newsletter to be notified of when we launch. After that, you can register for your free account and set up your personal profile, enter the clinical site information, and wait for clinical experience requests to roll in! If you want to take a more active role, share your clinical site on school postings, social media, and email to let others know you are available. You can also join as an Affiliate and earn referrals for every learner and preceptor that joins!
Did you know that many agencies keep approximately 1/3 of the students rotation payments? If a student pays $4,000 for a 4-week rotation, they make over $1,200! Do you really want to add that cost to already financially burdened students? We believe in affordability through efficiency. Our platform allows for more automation, less overhead, and less financial strain on students. Plus, you retain the ENTIRE financial compensation that you set in your profile. We only take a small transaction fee to keep the platform running.

Student FAQs

Though the terminology can vary, what most students mean by “accredited rotations” is that the clinical site is found in the ACGME Directory of Accredited Schools (aka Green Book). These are clinical experiences at sites that may provide residency spots, which may provide benefit to students attempting to apply at that hospital. As residency programs do change from year to year, you may search your hospital/clinical site via the ACGME Program Search page or by following these instructions . Accredited may also mean non-ACGME sites that satisfy your school’s graduation requirements. As each school has different requirements, we cannot guarantee that clinical experiences through FindARotation will be accepted for your curriculum requirements. Check with your school’s Clinical Department if you have any questions or concerns. We are always happy to assist in providing information and opportunities to students and schools.
Generally, an observership is a non-accredited clinical experience. This may help to boost a student’s/graduate’s CV, typically for international medical graduates (IMGs), by gaining United States Clinical Experience (USCE). These experiences are generally limited, hands-off teaching environments that provide much-needed services to foreign medical students and graduates. Check out our Medical Student Guide to Clinical Rotations & Clerkships for more details!
We’re here to help! Please sign up for our newsletter to be notified when we launch. After that, you can register for your free account and begin searching for rotations that fit your needs! The more information you provide the better chances the preceptor will accept any requests you send. You can also find resources via our website and YouTube channel. Want to reach out directly? Join our Slack channel or reach out on social media! Let us know how we can help you achieve your dreams and help your community. Help your friends (and instructors) find this platform and open up their clinical clerkship opportunities. You’ll also be able to join our Affiliate Program and earn referrals for every learner and preceptor that you introduce!
Most schools will reimburse students for clinical rotations when done within their guidelines. How much they will reimburse depends on each school and their current tuition allocation to medical clerkships. Many students must fund their away rotations personally. As a newer platform, many schools may not be aware of FindARotation yet, or the services provided, and may be hesitant to reimburse for the clinical experiences offered. Please have them contact so we can work with them to satisfy all student requirements for graduation and reimbursement. In future updates, we hope to add Institution accounts that will allow schools to pay directly and without delay.

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