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Learn More about US and the Team behind Find A Rotation

FindARotation was founded in 2019 to give students and preceptors more options for clinical education sites. FAR is the first marketplace of its kind, allowing for crowdsourced resources for healthcare students and professionals. This allows for more options locally and nationally for students without the financial burden of a placement agency. It also utilizes automated systems to decrease faculty, provider, and clinical coordinator time when it comes to clinical tasks.

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To affordably and efficiently pair students and medical professionals for clinical rotations in various specialties across the country at their convenience


To empower students to take control of their clinical experience and go farther in their medical careers.


Many students, especially those attending smaller or online universities, face challenges securing medical preceptorships in their chosen specialty. FindARotation is the community-driven clinical education platform for students seeking affordable yet varied medical rotations. FAR allows students more financial control and selection in their clinical experience.

Meet our Founder

Meet our visionary founder, empowering learners with enriching medical content through courses, podcasts, and books. He has done quite some work over the years. He is also the driving force behind FindARotation, aiding aspiring professionals in discovering transformative clinical clerkships.

Chase Dimarco MD, PhD-C, MBA, NREMT

FAR was founded by Chase DiMarco. Chase holds an MD, Ph.D-C, MS, and MBA-HA. He is the Founder and educator at MedEd University , which began in 2014 to consolidate free educational resources for his classmates. He is the host of the Medical Mnemonist podcast, Rounds to Residency podcast, Medical Ping-Pong podcast, and co-author of Read This Before Medical School . He has a passion to make studying easier for all students and bring great educational resources to the masses, as well as increase the options and availability for clinical experience in the healthcare professions. You can find his works online at

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Jhon Bardis Vice President - Engineering

Based in Las Vegas and has extensive experience with Sass and match making applications. Currently manages a team of software developers who are working exclusively on FindARotation application. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has served as a technology leader for 20 years and has run software teams for 15 years. View his extensive history on LinkedIn.

Rest of our team!

Our dynamic team comprises talented software developers, SEO experts, podcast producers, social media wizards, and creative designers, harmoniously working together to ensure the seamless operation of both Meded University and FindARotation platforms.

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David Suescun

Project Manager

David is an accomplished technologist with a vast array of expertise centered on SEO. He ensures that projects seamlessly progress and readily contributes his skills wherever they are required. He automates stuff for fun!

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Waqas Tariq

Fullstack Developer

Waqas is well-versed in LAMP Stack and WP development, he ensures the smooth functioning of both Meded and FindARotation platforms. Notably, he excels in problem-solving, tackling challenges with precision and efficiency.

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Janella Estinor

Executive Assistant

Ella plays a vital role in bridging communication between our Founder and the rest of the team. Her proactive approach involves tracking progress, seeking feedback, and providing updates to ensure all tasks are executed promptly and efficiently.

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Umar Khan

Podcast Producer

A multi-talented media maestro, producing captivating podcasts and crafting engaging notes, while expertly maintaining our online media platforms.

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