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Non-traditional medical students pursuing clinical rotations in the United States should be aware of certain states that may present obstacles. Clinical rotations are essential to medical school, as they are required for future residency MATCH and demonstrate a student’s competence in the medical and hospital system. Long-term planning is vital for medical students to ensure they have the necessary clinical experience needed to apply for residency successfully.

Medical learners should be aware of the importance of the type of clinical training they receive, as the environment of their clinical experience can significantly influence the level of education received. Clinical experience can be divided into core rotations and elective rotations, with core rotations varying from school to school. Elective rotations, or away rotations, offer the opportunity for medical students to gain knowledge and insight into more specialized fields. When considering a residency program, it is essential to have experience and Letters of Recommendation from within the chosen specialty or subspecialty, as away rotations provide greater specialty focus and develop networks within the field.

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